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RFT1920-00001 Washington Avenue Cycleway (Stage 2)
Issued byCity of Bunbury
Closing Date30/Aug/19 05:00 PM (UTC+08:00) Perth time
Reference NumberVP157420
Contact personJane Parsons
Tel: (08) 9792 7171
DescriptionIn the 2019/20 financial year the City of Bunbury intends to engage a Contractor to widen Washington Avenue to include a 1.8m wide cycle lane of red asphalt. This is stage 2 of a 3 stage project to construct cycle lanes the full length of Washington Ave, Usher.

The works begin at the Rotary Drive intersection and extend to the traffic lights in Parade Road. Due to the inclusion of a pedestrian refuge island near Rotary Ave the new asphalt from stage 1 will need to be lifted to accommodate the extended transition past the refuge island, as per the attached design plans. Washington Ave is a major connecting road between Bussell Hwy and Parade Rd, carrying approximately 3,200 vehicles per day.

The City of Bunbury is seeking a suitably qualified and experienced contractor to undertake the Works as defined by the Scope of Works and Design Drawings.

A full statement of the goods/services required under the proposed contract appears in the attached documents

**Please note ...
CategoriesConstruction & Operation
Specification Docs8
RFT1920-00006 Design and Superintndency Services Hay Park North Sports Pavilion
Issued byCity of Bunbury
Closing Date05/Sep/19 05:00 PM (UTC+08:00) Perth time
Reference NumberVP157369
Contact personDavid Russell
Tel: 08 9792 7230
DescriptionThe City wishes to engage the services of a suitably experienced Consultant to help review an

existing design package, and amend the design package as required to meet the needs of the user

group and City specific to this site.

Please do not place a submission unless you can supply all the services under Part A,B and C.

Any sub consultants that submit for individual components or suppliers that are atttempting to do blatant sales while not actually placing a valid tender shall be non compliant and no details will be passed on to the successful consultant or assessed for evaluation.
CategoriesArchitecture, Design, Planning
Engineer, Research, Tech services
Specification Docs8
RFQ1920-00023 Supply of Desktop and Notebook Computers
Issued byCity of Bunbury
Closing Date23/Aug/19 05:00 PM (UTC+08:00) Perth time
Reference NumberVP156818
Contact personJane Parsons
Tel: (08) 9792 7171
DescriptionThe Scope of Work includes, but is not limited to the:

a) Supply of nine (9) Notebook Computer Systems;

b) Supply of thirty five (35) Desktop Computer Systems;

c) Supply of ten (10) Engineering Desktop Computer Systems;

d) Supply of twenty two (22) 24” Monitors (in addition to those included in the Systems above);

e) Supply of additional Desktop Computer Systems, as required;

f) Supply of additional Monitors, as required;

g) Supply of additional Display Adapters, as required; and,

h) Ensuring all power cables and monitor cables are supplied i.e. no additional cables or adapters are required for the computer systems to be operational.

Full details can be found in the attached documents.
CategoriesIT & Telecomms
Office Related Supplies & Services
Specification Docs2

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