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RFT1920-10 Purchase, and/or Lease of Two Loaders, Disposal of a Loader & Excavator
Issued byTown of Port Hedland
Closing Date06/Nov/19 03:00 PM (UTC+08:00) Perth time
Reference NumberVP165159
Contact personMegan Paganella
Tel: +61891589301
DescriptionThe tender comprises of 3 Part Options;

Option 1 –

The supply and delivery of 2 loaders for the Town of Port Hedland to be used within our Engineering and Landfill departments. 2 loaders are to be supplied as per the specifications in Part 3. Existing machine trade is included in part of option 1. As part of option 1 the Town is looking to identify a parts supplier for all service and maintenance parts.

Option 2 –

The lease of 2 loaders for the Town of Port Hedland to be used within our Engineering and Landfill departments. 2 loaders are to be supplied as per the specifications in Part 3. As part of option 2 the Town is looking to identify a parts supplier for all service and maintenance parts.

Option 3 –

Sale/Disposal of the replaced machinery items as outlined Part 3.

Suppliers can respond to any or all options. Where offers are for Option 3 only, no response to the compliance or Qualitative criteria is required.

CategoriesPlant & Equipment - Disposal
Plant & Equipment - Hire
Plant & Equipment - Purchase
Specification Docs7
Expression of Interest - Ad-hoc Crane Hire
Issued byAdani Australia
Closing Date21/Oct/19 02:00 PM (UTC+10:00) Brisbane time
Reference NumberVP164424
Contact personNot disclosed
DescriptionThis Expression of Interest seeks submissions from suitably qualified and experienced crane hire companies who can support the Adani Mine development with ad-hoc lifting operations on the mining lease which may include for:

- Provision of suitable cranes to meet Adani’s lift requirements as needed (including mobilisation / demobilisation)

- Provision of crane operators (wet hire)

- Provision of riggers (as required)

- Provision of rigging as required

- Unloading and relocation of sea containers

- Off-loading of modular accommodation buildings and placement to nominated laydown area(s)

- Off-loading of utilities systems, tanks and supporting infrastructure and placing as nominated

- Other, more complex lifts as required

- Provision of lift plans and list studies as required

It is anticipated that the interested party will have a range of cranes within their fleet to accommodate differing lifting requir...
CategoriesMaterial Handling & Lifting Equip
Plant & Equipment - Hire
Plant & Equipment - Purchase
Specification Docs0
LVRC-19-62 Lease of shed for storage purposes. 23 East Street GATTON QLD 4343 Lot 11 SP310933
Issued byLockyer Valley Regional Council
Closing Date30/Oct/19 04:00 PM (UTC+10:00) Brisbane time
Reference NumberVP164289
Contact personNot disclosed
DescriptionThis is a Request for Tender from persons and organisations interested in the leasing of a shed for storage purposes located at 23 East Street Gatton [Lot11 SP310933].

The following table sets out the Minimum Lease Terms required by Council. Council will consider Tenders from interested parties that meet these Minimum Lease Terms. A Lease reflecting the following Minimum Lease Terms, is required to be entered into with the successful tenderer. The successful tenderer will be required to execute the Lease Document with Council before commencing the use.

Term Requirement

Term Three (3) years with two options of three (3) years each = 9 years in total.

Rent & Rent Reviews An annual rental will be payable by the Lessee which will be subject to annual review. It is proposed that the method or review will be an annual 2% increase.

Use For storage of goods only.

Outgoings The Lessee is responsible for all outgoings including electricity, teleco...
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Specification Docs1
RFT - 1156 - Standing Offer Arrangement for Hire of Wet Hire Plant for a twelve-month period
Issued bySomerset Regional Council
Closing Date04/Nov/19 09:00 AM (UTC+10:00) Brisbane time
Reference NumberVP162840
Contact personIan Boycon
Tel: 07 5424 4021
DescriptionThis tender is for the hire of wet hire plant as per the specification in "Part 3 - Response Forms" of the tender. This is a standing offer arrangement only and acceptance onto the tender list is not a guarantee in anyway that the tenderer will be offered work under this arrangement. As per the tender documents a travel rate must be provided for all areas that the tenderer wish to be offered work, failure to supply a travel rate or to put POA in the travel rate will make the offer non-conforming for that area.
CategoriesPlant & Equipment - Hire
Specification Docs10

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